Miracles from Israel: Biblical Promises Fulfilled is an inspirational new book filled with inspirational photos and prosaic accompanying text detailing the relationship between God, the people of Israel, and the Land of Israel. The book seeks to educate past, current, and future supporters of Israel regarding the historic connection of the Land to the Jewish people, and the modern manifestations the Divine promises that relate to the Land.

Miracles from Israel hopes to inspire its followers to: 

  • Deepen their appreciation for the Torah/Bible/Scripture through recognition of the timelessness of God’s words, and their application to modern times.

  • Connect with their faith-based learning, and recognize the explicit will of God as it relates to Israel.

  • Learn more about Israel today, including its medical advancements, innovations, and humanitarian outreach, and explore how the values of the modern Israeli society relate strongly to the vision of the prophets for the return from Exile.

  • Be a part of a multi-faith effort to advocate for Israel, spread the truth about the Land in the face of fake news, antisemitism, and other attempts to malign Israel.


To download the media kit and photos, click here.


 Miracles from Israel: Biblical Promises Fulfilled is proud to be published by David and Goliath Books, known for unique faith-based books that both inform and inspire.