Vayyar's 3D Imaging Technology Can See Through Walls and Help Detect Falls

Seeing through walls is no longer impossible thanks to the Israeli company Vayyar’s 4D imaging sensors, which can see through just about anything, including body tissue, organs, and even walls. The technology was originally developed as a safer and less intrusive way to detect cancerous tissue in breasts, via the use of radio frequency signals to create 3D scans and collect data as the electromagnetic waves bounce off an object. The sensors are sensitive enough to detect even tiny movements of the lungs in order to diagnose sleep apnea, alert users to plumbing issues or pesky rodents active behind walls, and track a person’s location and vital signs as they move through a smart home.
The technology has already been launched via the company’s Walabot HOME product, a fall-detection alert system that automatically alerts a person’s emergency contact if they fall over and are unable to get up. Other applications include a partnership with automotive supplier Valeo for an advanced infant passenger safety system that can be installed in cars to trigger and alert emergency responders if an infant is left in a vehicle alone. Vayyar technology has additional applications in the fields of cancer detection, people tracking, vehicle automation, security, radiation-level testing, and construction.