ReWalk Places 500th Robotic Exoskeleton Medical Device

Robotic exoskeleton manufacturer ReWalk has announced the placement of its 500th Exoskeleton system, which grants its users an increased quality of life despite suffering from spinal cord injuries or the side effects of a stroke. All
users of the device share the common experience of being told by medical professionals they would never walk again; the company’s mission was to defy these odds and return independence and freedom of movement to people with
lower limb disability. The systems are used by people across 26 countries, both for day-to-day in-home use as well as in rehabilitation centers. The device was the first of its kind to receive FDA approval for sale in the United States, and has
been featured on several occasions in the media. Claire Lomas in the UK made headlines for completing multiple marathons in her ReWalk, including the 2012 London Marathon and the 2018 Greater Manchester Marathon. Captain Derek Herrera, the first recipient of a ReWalk Personal system in the U.S., received the Bronze Star at his retirement ceremony from the U.S. Marine Corps while using his ReWalk.