Israelis Will Be in Top Ten of World Life Expectancy by 2040

The life expectancy of Israelis stands at 82.1 years and is expected to rise to 84.4 years by 2040, according to a study published by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. According to these numbers, Israel is expected to rise from the 11th place in the world to the seventh in the longevity rankings. The global average stands at 73.8 years, with an expected rise to 77.7 by 2040. Israeli men currently live 80.7 years, while women live for 84.2 years, a respective increase of 18 and 17 years since the founding of the State. To compile the rankings, the study’s authors assessed five health drivers that explain most of the future trajectory for premature mortality: high blood pressure, high body mass index, high blood sugar, tobacco use, and alcohol use, followed by air pollution.