Israeli Submarine Technology Powers Long-Range Electric Trucks

A former Israeli Navy submarine officer has taken inspiration from technology he encountered during his military service to help power one of the world’s greenest trucks. Asher Bennett, the founder of Tevva Motors, used his experience grappling with the challenges of Israel’s diesel electric-hybrid submarines to create a more environmentally friendly solution to the inevitable electrification of the medium-duty truck sector. The Tevva technology uses a range extender—a diesel generator that recharges a truck’s battery while it is still in motion— to enable the truck to drive 600 kilometers in one charge, instead of just the 160 that it could before. Heavy-duty trucks are essential for growing commerce, but the air pollution generated by them significantly contributes to global warming emissions. Pursuant to a  successful 15-month trial, global delivery giant UPS has ordered 15 of these range-extending trucks. A major Chinese manufacturer, as well as several other fleet operators, have also expressed interest in adopting Tevva’s technology.