Israeli Parental Control App Helps Parents Keep Kids Safe

Israeli co-founders and friends Michael Druker and Michael Liberman were compelled to develop their own bootstrapped parental control app when they couldn’t find a suitable solution for monitoring their children’s phones. Their brainchild developed into the widely renowned Sentry Parental Control, an app
created to help parents keep an eye on their children’s smartphone activities.
Sentry’s technology tracks social networks for suspicious images and texts, monitors web browsing and app use, and incorporates GPS technology so parents can instantly locate their kids. The software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide ongoing monitoring of images and texts. When the
algorithm suspects content or behaviors that could be suspicious, it notifies the parent. As smartphone use becomes ubiquitous in children’s lives, Sentry technology is helping parents stay on guard. In 2018 Sentry made the news when parents in Goodyear, Arizona, were alerted via the company’s app that their
13-year-old son was in a sexual relationship with his teacher, and alerted the authorities.