Converting Trash Into Plastic

Ever-rising global landfill waste is taking a toll on the environment and contributing to global warming, in addition to simply being an eyesore. UBQ Materials is an Israeli company that is innovating a solution: converting household waste into sustainable, recyclable thermoplastic materials. Their patented process takes residual municipal solid waste destined for landfills, sorts out recyclables, and then converts the heterogeneous stream of organic waste and unrecyclable plastic into a homogenous bio-based composite that can replace industrial materials. The production of one ton of UBQ material reduces 15 tons of CO2, equivalent and is currently known as “The Most Climate Positive Material” on Earth. After six years of stealth-mode research and development, UBQ material’s first processing plant in Israel’s Kibbutz Zeelie is now actively converting waste and supplying the resulting UBQ material to manufacturing partners in Israel and abroad.